Take photos for participate: Lisbon with the five senses Case Study

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 Take photos for participate: Lisbon with the five senses   foto
 Location – Lisbon city-Serpentina´s place


Timing and duration  26 th January  2012 | 2:00H10 th February 2012 | 2:00H

29 th February 2012 | 2:00H

Triner(s) Ana Pires, Filipa Flores
Audience type and number 55+ (10 trainees)
Objectives  General –  Exploring relationships among space, people and media in urban settings

–  Exploring new ways of inter-generational  and family learning using digital technologies


– Promoting new understandings of the city

through participatory photography

– Sensitize to new technologies including digital photography

– Challenge participants to express their feelings and opinions through the image.

– Promote social inclusion

– Promote the sharing of knowledge between generations


Description of the activity  In pairs, participants went for a walk in Lisbon down town and took photos of Lisbon inspired by  each of the five senses, i.e.:–  Lisbon smells like what?

–  Lisbon sounds like what?

–  Lisbon tastes like what?

– (..)

In another session they presented their photos to the group and share them on their Facebook profiles.

[Cf. http://on.fb.me/1fcrava]


Digital tools   Facebook profile pages
Materials –  Documentation about the workshop-  Tutorials

–  Photo machine

Impact   The methodology of participatory photography was unknown to all the participants, what made the exercise very exciting for everyone. The sharing of the work in Facebook was important because participants could show share and receive feedback from relatives and friends.
Lessons learned  The activity must take place in one day and not dispersed for 3 sessions in order to keep motivation on.
Photos http://on.fb.me/HaXuyR

More information? Please contact us:

rede@serpentina.org | Ana Fontoura Pires | +351938586157


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