TEK GARDENS [Urban Garden Tools] Case Study

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1.  TEK GARDENS [Urban Garden Tools]  vitatek2


Espaço VITAMIMOSParque Quinta da Alagoa, Carcavelos, Lisboa, Portugal
Timing and duration  6th September 2011 | 2:30H
Trainer(s)  Ana Pires, Ricardo Almeida, António Santos
Audience type and number  Mediascapes partners and trainees (19 trainers and trainees)
Objectives  General

– Exploring relationships among space, people and media in urban settings

– Exploring new ways of inter-generational  and family learning using digital technologies


– Explore new ways of using  digital tools in urban gardens

– Raise awareness of the benefits  of adopting healthy food habits

– Promote digital inclusion

Description of the activity  After a presentation of a set of possibilities of using  digital tools in urban gardens in order to increase awareness for adopting healthy food habits and the promotion of digital inclusion in families settings, the dialog was open to the group that shared experiences, gave new ideas and explored new ways of implement it.The result of this Brainstorming was compiled for use in the design of future workshops on this topic.

A healthy lunch was prepared and served after.

Digital tools and concepts   – Podcasting-Augmented reality tools

– Internet of things

Materials – Datashow- PC´s

– Internet connection

– Smart phones

Impact   This workshop was held under the first Mediascapes partners meeting, and it was an very interesting exercise for the exchange of experiences and opinions for the design of future workshops in this context, and also for the group start to know each other in an informal atmosphere.
Lessons learned It is a topic to explore in other activities.
Photos http://on.fb.me/1fhRdRw
Dissemination http://vitatek.blogspot.com

More information? Please contact us:

rede@serpentina.org | Ana Fontoura Pires | +351938586157


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